The Internal Audit Division Hotline was established to provide faculty, staff, students, and the public an easy way to report activities that may result in:

  • waste, fraud, or abuse of state assets (see definition here: REG 07.40.02)
  • a violation of federal or state Law
  • non-compliance to UNC System or university policies, regulations or rules

There are 4 convenient ways to make your report:

  • Complete the online Hotline Form below
  • Call us directly at (919) 515-8355
  • Fax your report to (919) 513-2122
  • Visit us in our office in Peele Hall

When making your report, please provide as much information as possible so that we can perform a thorough investigation.

Activities reported to our Hotline will be investigated in accordance with our Investigative Audit Process and, if the allegation(s) are substantiated, findings will be presented in a report. Certain issues may be referred to other university or state units (for example, Office of General Counsel, Employee Relations, Campus Police, or the State Bureau of Investigation) as warranted. To the extent allowed by law and university policies, your confidentiality will be maintained. State law and university policy provide protections from retaliation or discrimination against employees who report concerns to the Internal Auditor.

Please note that you may also report activities through the university’s third-party Hotline, Ethics Line, by going to this website.